Traveling by Plane
There was a time when you could carry the gown with you and hang it in a storage cabin. Today most airlines insist you check your gown with your other luggage so unless your gown is very informal you will need a large box or an extra suitcase to protect it.

Packing Your Wedding Dress
By far the best way to transport a wedding dress is in the protective gown bag it comes in. To further protect the dress and any delicate embellishments, it’s a good idea to place uncoloured, acid-free tissue paper around key areas such as the bodice.  

If you need to pack the wedding dress into a confined space such as a box or suitcase, place layers of uncoloured, acid-free tissue paper in between each fold and around all embellished areas. This will reduce the formation of wrinkles and protect delicate embellishments.  
Check with your wedding dress retailer or dressmaker if they are able to pack the dress for you since they will have expertise in how to protect any vulnerable areas. If they don’t offer this service, ask if they can at least provide guidance on how to best pack and transport your wedding dress since special fabrics and materials will need different treatment. 

Have It Professionally Steamed and Pressed
Of course, the easiest solution to the wrinkle problem is to have your gown professionally steam once you arrive on Oahu.
Kathy is knowledgeable and professional certified wedding specialist, who is a expert on fabrics, laces and trimmings.  Kathy knows how to properly treat and take care of your wedding gown.  This service is done in your hotel room with our latest and advanced state of the art equipment.  We also steam and press mothers, bridemaids, flower girls, and suit. and other garments.  

Pressing & Steam Charges
*$55 to $75 Simple beach wedding gown
​*$75 to $95 A-Line Satin with small train
​*$95 & up Silk, ball gown, long train, pick
​  skirt, delicate fabric that require ironing
*$15 to $25 Mothers, bridesmid, and flower girl dresses
​*$35 3-4 pcs men's suit, coat, pants, shirt & tie
​  (add $10 for linen suits)
​*$12 each coat, pants, or shirt